Forest Hills Innovative Learning Preparation

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FHSD is the place for innovative learning.  In our digital rich environment, preparing to go back to school is so much more than buying school supplies and selecting a backpack.   Technology has become a required and necessary part of the daily lives of our students. 

Our goal is to prepare students for communicating, collaborating, and creating from the beginning of school so instructional time can be maximized. In order to prepare, we have provided guidance and support videos to help students and parents:

  • Access grades (Progress Book) - Student and Parent Login
  • Access our online learning management system (Schoology) - Student and Parent
  • Access Google Apps - the endorsed productivity suite of Forest Hills
  • Set-up textbooks and other district online tools
  • Register a laptop, Chromebook, or Tablet PC - Grades 6-12 (optional for grade 6)

The FHSD Innovative Learning Preparation uses a "wizard" style so that when one part is completed or viewed, simply click the right arrow to go to the next part. Teachers and students use many more items than are shown here, but these are the core resources. Although any student/parent can log into this site, it is most relevant to students in grades 3-12.

Parents and students should work through this site together! You can skip the Schoology and Progress Book portions of the wizard if you've previously registered.

Logging In

Students and parents will log into this site using the student username and password that are used for their computer/email login. The pattern is as shown below:

  • Students in grades K-6: Username = firstname+lastname (Example: John Doe = johndoe), Password: fh+last 2 digits of student ID + 2 digit birthday month + 2 digit birthday day (Example: Student ID of 123456 DOB 5/25/2004 = fh560525)
  • Students in grades 7-12: Username = firstname+lastname (Example: John Doe = johndoe), Password (Starting 8/7/2015): FH + 6 digit randomized password sent via email on 7/28. USERNAMES & PASSWORDS will be available during packet pick-up.

NOTE: Secondary passwords will be changing in 2015-2016 and will be available during packet/schedule pick-up. Please email if you need to log in prior to receiving credentials.

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